BlackMagic optimisers can be used with new systems, or retrofitted to existing plants. BlackMagic may even be used on specific strings that are more affected by cleaning or shading issues than others. Here are some of the most iconic PV installs using BlackMagic technology.

China- 40 MWp - selective optimisation for ChinaGuoDian
UK - Exeter University, Living Systems Building, 80kWp
Italy - 2.4MWp Ground Mount
Italy - Tintoria Renzo Silli, Prato, 64kWp
Italy - selective optimisation for Fast S.p.A.
Italy - 72kWp retrofit for a large Italian supermarket chain - install in Budrio (BO)
UK, London - Tate Modern
Italy - 1MWp retrofit for Orciano Ambiente
Italy - 1MWp retrofit for Dea Engineering
Italy - 1MWp retrofit for Delta Electrical Systems
Italy - 50kW retrofit
Italy - 6 kW New
Italy - 1MW Retrofit
Italy - 500 KWp - Retrofit
Italy - 500 kWp retrofit for Coop. Adriatica Supermarkets
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