+ Security with BlackMagic

How does it work?

BlackMagic AF and AF COM enable 24/7 theft pretection for all panels and cables.

With copper an panel theft on the rise, the solar industry has been all too often borrowing site-security solutions primarily designed for the construction environment. Blackmagic offer a cost-effective, reliable solution truly engineered with the peculiarities of PV systems in mind.

BlackMagic-AF and AF COM: 

  • Protect the system at the panel level
  • May be fitted on both new and existing plants
  • May be integrated with centralised theft protection system
  • May be integrated with a modem to enable phone, sms and email alarms
  • Eliminates the risk of nuisance alarms
  • Can be embedded into string boxes

How does it work? Thanks to a patented technology, BlackMagic-AF and AFCOM measure changes in impedance day and night, detecting suspicious behavior and providing real-time alerts via:

  • Acoustic Alarms (siren)
  • SMS
  • Phone
  • Email

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